Invest with Lazy Portfolios

If you want to start investing but you’re not sure how lazy portfolios are a great place to start. Lazy Portfolios are made up of a handful of low cost index funds. They are designed to require very little maintenance. While they are simple they are not simplistic. With one of these portfolios you will outperform the vast majority of financial advisers and stock pickers.

There are different portfolios to suit every investors needs and they can be adjusted accordingly. Just remember, once you choose one you should hold it for the long run. Don’t keep buying and selling funds but  stick to the portfolio you choose and rebalance occasionally.  No portfolio can prevent losses but these will help to soften the blow of a bear market.

Here are the links to several lazy portfolios:

Be careful when comparing performance. Just because one portfolio outperformed another in the last 10 years doesn’t mean that it will in the next 10 years. Each portfolio contains a different mix of assets and if one of those assets performed poorly in the time period shown it can affect the overall performance of the portfolio. Often times assets classes will “revert to the mean” meaning that if it outperforms in one time-frame it may under perform in the next and vice versa. They also contain varying amounts of bonds so be sure to keep that in mind as well.


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