5 Great Side Hustle Ideas

 If you’re wanting to make more money but not sure how a side hustle is a great place to start. A side hustle is a way to earn money other than your main job. Side hustles are great because they are flexible, allowing you to work as much or little as you want. There is great earning potential and overtime you could even grow your side hustle into a full time business.

I have five great ideas that below that are relatively easy to start. Some require an initial investment to get started and some are virtually free to begin. Take a look and see what you think

  1. Reselling Cars On Craigslist. Sometimes you can find cars and trucks for sale at very cheap prices on craigslist. Often times people will take a couple low quality photos, write a quick description, and post their ad without giving it much thought. Most of the time they wont even wash the vehicle before listing it.They generally just want to sell their vehicle as quickly as possible and will accept very little for it. If you buy the vehicle, give it a good washing inside and out, and then take alot of clear and detailed photos you can easily resell it for more than you paid for it- sometimes making several hundred or even more than one thousand dollars more than you paid- just for taking the time to post a decent ad. Sometimes you can also find vehicles that aren’t running but only require a few simple repairs. If you’re a wiz at working on cars you could buy a vehicle in that condition, spend a little bit of money for parts, make the repairs, and sell it for a nice profit.
  2. Create an Online Course. A great way to earn passive income is by creating an online course. I really like this side hustle idea because after the initial work is complete there is very little work you have to do, yet the earnings continue to come in. You can make a course in any area you have expertise in so the potential course ideas are limitless. If you want to learn more about creating online courses check out this great article at The Penny Hoarder.
  3. Welding/Metal Working. This is my favorite side hustle on the list because I plan on starting a welding side business. Although the initial investment may be somewhat costly there are so many ways to make money if you posses basic welding and fabrication skills. You can do repairs for people, make and sell art, or make items such as tables and shelves. I went to welding school, however basic welding skills can be learned from the internet and that should allow you to handle most projects.
  4. Lawn Work. This is a classic side hustle that anyone can do. You can mow grass, rake leaves, pick up sticks, get weeds out of the garden, and so much more. There are plenty of people willing to pay you to work in their yard. Often homeowners will have tools that you can use so it might not cost you anything to get started. If you do a great job you will likely be referred to by your customers to their neighbors, friends, and family. You can also put ads in the paper or online for your services.
  5. Rent Out an Extra Room. A great way to make use of unused space in your home is by renting out a room. You could rent it out full time or use a service like Airbnb to rent for just the short term. The benefit of using something like Airbnb is that your not stuck with a room mate all the time. If you want a break every now and then you can do so or you could only rent out your room a few nights a month if that’s what you would like to do.

I hope you found these ideas helpful. If you have a side hustle please share it with us in the comments. Thanks for reading!!!


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